By Paula Saad

The Power of Communication

Human beings are not the most intelligent race nor the stronger one. But we know better how to cooperate with ourselves; through language, we learn to pass along knowledge from generation to generation.
Communication has a different meaning for each and every single one of us, nevertheless, is a powerful tool that all of us carry within.
I`m an architect and urban planner, and I`ve always been an achiever, goal-oriented and ready to get everything I wanted. I had a purpose when I chose my studies. My aim was never to work on purely beautiful buildings with glorious facades and expensive materials, I wanted to make a difference in people`s lives. I first focused on urbanism to achieve that – it would be through urban planning that I would have a meaningful impact on how communities live in a good, safe and fair environment.
Slowly I realised that working behind a computer only would not be enough. I was planning neighbourhoods and cities for people, so how come they don`t have a say in this process? Then I understood that I wanted to be out, talking, but even more, listening to those that were most impacted to what I do. What did all those people have to say about the work I was doing? I then started to shift my career to be the mediator, the face of a big project or a big corporate company to vulnerable communities. Engaging with communities has taught me how much knowledge people have within and how much we can learn when we commit to listening and exchanging.

And I understood that effective communication resonates with me not only in a professional way, but personally as well. My personal relationships have shifted radically, and connections became deeper in my life when I started to explore better my communicator side.

Actively listening and harmoniously expressing yourself can be life-changing for you and also for the ones around you. Through my most challenging times, I learned how to use communication in my favour. To do this effectively, I also had to learn to be vulnerable and acknowledge that I don`t have all the answers and that communication is also about learning.

It was through my personal and professional experiences that I noticed how effective communication changed my connections and expanded my career. And so, I shifted my path again. Instead of planning, I wanted to study the impact these big projects have on people’s lives – and the first step for this is going out there and engaging.

Communication is all I do, on my day to day work, on my passion side project and in my daily life with those I love and care about. I don’t have a big secret nor a magic trick on how to do it effectively, I learn every day with my mistakes – and the most challenging times are the ones that help me evolve at my best. So how about you…

What does communication mean to you?

How do you better communicate?

Do you see it as a tool or as a barrier?