Jess PalmeiraAccess Bars Facilitator

I am a passionate and spiritual woman that has always loved the connection and experiencing the new. Connection to others, connection to the world and nature, connection to myself! The philosophy of life always interested me.

I’ve always had the biggest pull to foster learning, growing, expanding and evolving as a person in this world.. Exploring different perspectives of life/spirituality through different types of Therapies, Religions, Practices and Philosophies; was something I started doing very early in life – about 24 years ago. I was 16 years old when my first experience doing Therapy. It was a beautiful Holistic one, guided by OSHO’s teachings and an amazing mentor who taught me a lot about Osho’s Philosophies. That and the fact that I was born Catholic, made myself even more thirsty and open for spirituality.

After graduating in Business Management, I came to Australia, 14 years ago! It was through the challenges of living abroad that I found Yoga and Meditation. These practices helped me grow stronger, more present, bringing awareness to Body, Mind and Breath.

In 2010, I did my first Transcendental Meditation(TM) course and that was when I had the biggest insight to be a teacher. It really changed my life!

Meanwhile, my passion for children comes to life also when I moved to Sydney as I started caring for friend’s children and very soon I made it a living.

Through the search for a meaningful life and a purposeful career, I decided to do my Kids Yoga Teacher Training at Body Mind Life Studio in Sydney and not long after I did my full 200HRS Yoga Teacher Training also at Body Mind Life, in 2016. I have been teaching yoga for children, teens, adults and families for almost 5 years now and will forever be a student!

Moving more consciously through life, I discovered my passion for living and sharing the wisdom that changed my life and love watching it change the lives of others.

My aim as a teacher is to bring a moment of stillness and great awareness to Body, Mind, Breath and Spirit; through the Philosophy of Yoga in an educational, calming and fun class.