Stefani SchoeningerAtelier Stefani Founder

My name is Stef and I’m the founder of Atelier Stefani. Why I started this business? Well, where do I begin?

Fashion for me has always been something more meaningful than just a superficial cover of the human body. It reflects emotions, personality, character and an overall statement of your inner self.

What you see is what you feel. Shoes are indicators of our gender, identity and taste. They are commodities and aesthetic artefacts at the same time. Feet are made for walking, shoes may not be.

Design, art, craft, fashion, sex and power – Shoes have transformed into much more than just a practical necessity. Sitting between function and fashion, they express social values, power and passion. Shoes are pushed into the realm of art and sculpture. Sometimes so far removed from functionality, design can become more important than the comfort they bring. The glamour and desirability of such provocative creations tells us about the complex and enduring link between suffering, sex and style.